(PORTFOLIO) Seminal Inventions: The World Wide Web TV Broadcasting Challenge: U.S. Patent Office & Case Files Say We Did It First!

The World Wide Web TV Broadcasting Challenge: Who Did It First?

Maybe you can help our team with some research…

We are trying to figure something out.

We have over 1000 non-disclosure confidentiality and non-IP-theft agreements signed by some of the most famous tech people and venture capital people in the world. A bunch of those documents are also signed by the most famous people in ‘Hollywood’.

They signed the NDA’s because not a single one of them had come up with a GLOBAL, HIGH DEFINITION, FULL-COLOR, FULL SCREEN, INTERNET-BASED WORLD-WIDE, VIDEO-ON-DEMAND BROADCASTING NETWORK, and WE HAD and had been broadcasting around the world for years.

We just want to confirm the WHO DID IT FIRST, question.

The United States Patent Office did millions of dollars of federal research and issued us quite a bunch of patents and trademarks saying that we did it first.




Sony Pictures wrote in their patent filings and Direct TV’s patent filings and corporate memo’s (hacked into by North Korea), that we did it first. Sony’s Director Of Marketing, Rubenstein said, on camera, at a massive Hollywood event: “The future of the Internet will be brought to you by Sony Pictures and these guys (pointing to our team) standing at the back of them…”

News shows made TV news segments saying we did it first.

Mark Zuckerbeg says he did it first but he was barely out of diapers when we had a 10,000 square foot broadcasting facility already doing it.

George Lucas staff says we did it first.

Scott met with Netflix top bosses…


…and they told Scott that “…streaming video will NEVER BE A THING..” and that “Mailing out DVD’s is a wayyy better business plan..”.

Warner Bros. boss wrote us a letter saying Warner should have bought our company when they could have gotten it cheap.

Direct TV tried to buy us to get our patent’s but Sony convinced them that Sony could take us out via “suppression tactics”.

Larry Page says Google did it first but the New York Times, The U.S. Patent Office and Google’s leaked documents say that Larry’s claim is a lie. Rajeev Motwani, Larry and Sergey’s advisor, even said we did it first. Google’s Forrest Hayes and at least 40+ ex-Google/YouTube employees say we did it first. Even this article shows that Larry sneaks around and steals technology: https://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/24/technology/larry-page-google-founder-is-still-innovator-in-chief.html

We sued Google once, just to see if they had any counter-points, but Google aimed millions of dollars of attorney’s at us to try to block our case. Google would just shit their pants if they had to face us in an equally resourced jury trial. We would win quite big. We found out, in their litigation response memo that THEY HAD NOTHING and they were really quite frightened. The courts said the case was just delayed and we can sue them later…but..in the meantime.. we went to the Federal Government and gave the feds all of our evidence of all kinds of crimes that Google got up to… Now the United States Of America and many of the individual States are suing the shit out of Google for the rest of time… Messy pants for thieving ( https://www.usinventor.org) , anti-trust violating, election-rigging, Google either way…

A huge bunch of contracts, emails, NDA’s, videos, government reports, FCC filings and State filings say we did it first.

Yahoo says they did it first but the NDA and patent office reports say that they lied.

Microsoft says they did it first but only after they hired our staff people away, and after we filed our patents. We only got $20K from Microsoft… seems kinda low for a trillion dollar business. Bill..can we talk?

See the problem?

These other competing people nay-say the hard facts presented in the Federal records and the leaked documents. They violate federal anti-trust laws and RICO laws when they attack the original inventors, in order to control the market, though. We let the FBI, FTC, SEC, DOJ, FEC, FINCEN, and those folks, know about that! Our politicians own the stock market assets of these competitors and party at the homes of these competitors (Yep, it’s kind of hard to get economic justice when your Senator owns all of your competitors and those competitors do all of the marketing for the Senator )… I guess that “Don’t Be Evil” thing was all for show!

We think the facts and evidence show that we did it first and some other folks just swiped our stuff.

If you have any press reports or other clippings that show that anybody else was broadcasting a GLOBAL, HIGH DEFINITION, FULL-COLOR, FULL SCREEN, INTERNET-BASED, WORLD-WIDE, VIDEO-ON-DEMAND BROADCASTING NETWORK before we did it in 1980, please let us know.



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